Sometimes QBI and Quality of Business can have your head in a fog. In addition, understanding and controlling it can, at times, seem like a daunting task. At QBI Masters, we understand your pain and we have a solution.

Welcome to QBI University! QBI University is a subscription based service that takes everything you’ve always wanted to know and everything you need to know about QBI/Quality of Business and placed it in 52, 12-15 minute, videos that take you through the ins and outs of QBI/Quality of Business. The videos will be delivered to your account on a weekly basis. You will then have 1 week to watch the video as many times as you like. After 1 week, the next video will populate into your account. The videos are only 12-15 minutes in length as not to overwhelm you or distract you from building your business.

This is also an excellent tool for your team members to subscribe to as well. It not only provides you with information but provides each of your team members that subscribes an opportunity to learn what you’ve learned directly from the masters.

Video Topics Include:

  • Building a Business vs. Running A Business
  • How to Deliver a Policy Without a Stop Sign
  • Cash Flow vs. Income
  • Building a Culture of Profitability
  • How to Stop NTOs from Happening
  • 8 Steps to Writing a Good App
  • How to Get an Effective Commitment from a Client
  • And more!

Extra Bonus!!!

As an added bonus, we have included a 3 hour video entitled The QBI Boot Camp. This video is filled with additional bonus information and insight for those wanting even more advanced knowledge.